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Indiana is the latest state to withdraw from a national Common Core testing coalition, leaving state officials to reconsider the national standards and tests.

According to, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) announced Monday that his state will no longer participate in Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), and will officially withdraw, effective August 12th.  

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Malkin: Jeb Bush's Crony Republicans Against Higher Standards

The resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett couldn't have come at a better time. His disgraceful grade-fixing scandal is the perfect symbol of all that's wrong with the federal education schemes peddled by Bennett and his mentor, former GOP Gov. Jeb Bush: phony academic standards, crony contracts, big-government and big-business collusion masquerading as "reform."

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Test scores for NYC students drop dramatically

    New York City officials are on the defensive today after test scores from public schools plummeted under new standards for achievement.  The city adopted the controversial Common Core curriculum and testing, and NYC was expected to be a test case for its implementation.  After going from bad to worse on achievement, though, parents may demand even more change:

    Common Core has been pushed by the Obama administration as one of the central programs in its policy, and the White House has had a lot of success in getting states to adopt it. 

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How Were Common Core Standards Created?

Eagle Forum, Education Reporter


Common Core standards were not developed by and did not emanate from states. They were funded and developed at the behest of two Washington, D.C.-based trade organizations, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the National Governors Association (NGA), through their contractor Achieve, Inc., with generous funding from the Gates Foundation and other private philanthropies. Some Common Core developers have questionable motives and backgrounds. Common Core standardized test creator Linda Darling-Hammond was President Obama’s top choice for education secretary but was never nominated because of her controversial leftist leanings; she is a close associate of domestic terrorist turned educator Bill Ayers. (See book review in this Education Reporter) Common Core was developed in closed meetings, without public debate, by committees.

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Florida Legislature Leaders Send  Letter to Gov. Rick Scott and  

Florida's Department of Education Commisioner, Tony Bennett

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Fla. education chief
Tony Bennett resigns
amid grading scandal

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Bennett’s Lasting Achievements for Public Education Hailed by Former Gov. Jeb Bush, Foundation

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Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch and co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition gave the following statement:

"This is what happens when the federal government and unaccountable private groups and foundations try to impose completely untested national standards on the children and families of Florida and the country and then try to control the lives and funding of those children, teachers and local districts via yet completed high stakes tests. If one of the nation's leading proponents and experts on Common Core has to 'cook the books' in two states in order to make this completely irresponsible system look valid, Common Core cannot survive.  Our children are not allowed to cheat on their schoolwork and tests. Why should the adults that we entrust with the education of those precious children be allowed to manipulate the numbers for their own benefit?


Florida Republican Party Leaders
Urge Support For New Education Standards
     Five former Republican Party of Florida leaders have sent out an email asking state GOP members to support new education standards adopted by Florida and 44 other states.
     The letter is signed by state Sen. John Thrasher and four other former state party chairmen. When Florida has raised its standards in the past, Thrasher wrote in the email, it has resulted in better scores on international tests and gains from black and Hispanic students.”


     The new standards, known as Common Core, will continue that progress, Thrasher wrote in the email.  

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