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Eagle Council XLII, 2013

This year's Eagle Council XLII was a huge success. Thursday, September 12 was spend lobbying on The Hill, mainly against HealthCare, illegal immigration and Common Core. Friday, our leader and mentor spent the afternoon doing one of her favorite things, listening to 3 minute talks of some 40 Eagle leaders from different states speaking on subjects ranging from smart meters, to Common Core which was the focus of two workshops. Randy Osborne gave a legislative update on Florida Common Core, Dr. Karen Effrem spoke about Common Core and participated in a Common Core panel. Marguerite Cavanaugh spoke about "How to Defeat the Delphi and Hegelian Dialectic Methods at Public Meetings."


    It was a thrill having three special keynote speakers, the interesting Ambassador John Bolton, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, who gave us hope, and Stephen Green, the inspirational president of Hobby Lobby. 


    The 2013 Homemaker of the Year Award was awarded to Mrs. Jackie Green. The Greens are a wonderful representation of the family values revered by Eagle Forum.























Steve and Jackie, Mr. and Mrs Steve Green


    Mrs. Schlafly's talk was "What Are They Teaching Our Children?" and "Who Killed the American Family."  You may order these and many other talks on DVD or CD at They are great to use at various meetings. Please contact about starting an Eagle Forum chapter in your county.


    We parted after special Sunday morning religious services and a lunch program where Mrs. Schlafly, Andy and John Schlafly spoke. We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis, Missouri next September at the 2014 Eagle Council XLIII.



Submitted by:

Marguerite Cavanaugh, Executive Vice President

Florida Eagle Forum

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