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39th Eagle Forums

Naples Event

arrive at 6 pm for registration and cash bar

book signing after program

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2017 luncheon slide show

Posting of the Colors

and the National Anthem

True Eagle Forum
March 8, 2017 Dear Eagles, Eagle Forum values the support given by many of you over the course of multiple decades. Because Eagle Forum’s successful network of grassroots conservatives is due in large part to donations from its supporters, ensuring that donors’ money goes exactly where it is intended is of paramount importance. This task has recently become more complicated because, within the last year, certain individuals and entities have employed intentionally confusing terminology (to describe their ...
Medical Marijuana - Dr Karen Effem
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Randy Osborne with Dr. Karen Effrem

Facts voters must know before it is too late.

Marijuana - Radio interview


Statement of Eunie Smith, EF Vice President on

the Passing of Phyllis Schlafly

"Today, Phyllis Schlafly has gone home to be with her Lord after a long illness.  America has lost a great stateswoman, and we at Eagle Forum and among the conservative movement have lost a beloved friend and mentor, who taught and inspired so many to fight the good fight in defense of American values.  I have personally lost a dear friend of over forty years."    Read more


Eagle Forum Truth

Eagle Forum was founded over 40 years ago by a group of women dedicated to stopping the Equal Rights Amendment (they did) and promoting traditional American Family Values in public policy. Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, Illinois was the leader of a group of nation-wide volunteers who worked to make America better. Today, Eagle Forum is in a crisis for its future. A majority of the Board of Directors – hand-picked by Mrs. Schlafly – is attempting to save the legacy of this American organization. Please listen to their stories. The goal of “Eagle Forum Truth” is to set the record straight in the midst of internal turmoil. This volunteer organization must continue to live on in the spirit and integrity of one of America’s great women leaders, Phyllis Schlafly. Watch their stories and support their cause. America’s future may depend on it.

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Small Heading


Dear Friends,

                Please read every word of the following report by former Eagle Forum DC Executive Director Colleen Holmes Holcomb about the significant impact Eagle Forum leaders -- in coalition with other organizations -- had on the Republican Platform. Colleen initiated and coordinated the effort. Had it not been for Colleen's expert and determined volunteer efforts in pulling the groups together in a timely and effective manner, pro-family conservative delegates would not have been equipped to cooperate and accomplish their shared goals. We are all deeply indebted to Colleen!  As the training session moderator Tony Perkins pointed out in his opening remarks, this kind of preparation was the vision of Phyllis Schlafly when she first established the Republican National Coalition for Life.  

                In summary to me and with a comment about my state member, Colleen wrote: "The bottom line is that we won everything resoundingly. The Committee was very conservative overall, so it was an easy sell. But, it was vital to have Alabama Representative Jim Carns and well-prepared Eagles in the Defense and Foreign Relations subcommittee, because the LGBT representative was very good and very likable."

                Now by God's grace, we Eagles must continue our almost half century of work to see the good planks in this platform become public policy.


Eunie Smith

President, Eagle Forum of Alabama

Vice-President, Eagle Forum

Platform Report


How Mass (Legal) Immigration Dooms a Conservative Republican Party

A comprehensive review of surveys in immigrant communities showing their support for big government 

The President Lied to Us

"There were roughly 45 million people who were uninsured. Obamacare is endeavoring to insure about 1/3 of them somewhere between 15 and 20 million people. Even fully implemented there will be about 30 million people who won't get health insurance . . . But the tradeoff behind Obamacare is to extend to that 15 or 20 million people they are jeopardizing the health insurance of some 200 million Americans who get health insurance in the private health insurance market, they're causing millions of people to have the plans they like, right now, be cancelled and they are driven up rates all across the country." ~ Senator Ted Cruz 

more on obamascare

Republican Party's Resolution Opposing a

Constitutional Convention  

view here


Phyllis Schlafly on a Constitutional Convention

view here 

Suggested Political Rules of Engagement


1.  Any information that is communicated in email, Facebook, Twitter, telephone, or blogs needs to be 100 percent accurate. Verify, verify, verify. Florida Eagle Forum fact checks their information from several sources prior to submitting in any media venues to insure the accuracy of the statements being made.


2.  When meeting with legislators be respectful. Yelling or being rude will shut them down from any     meaningful communication. Address them as “Representative ____” or “Senator _______” .  Thank them for their time. 


3.  Prepare how you’re going to approach the issue you are going to be addressing. Always do your           homework prior to meeting with your legislator. 


4.   Whenever possible, call and ask for an appointment to meet with your legislator.


5.  When talking to the legislators stay on single issue topics. If you are communicating your concerns with Common Core, do not get into other universal problems. Stay on specific topics.


6.  If you do not know how to answer a question that your legislators ask, let them know that you will follow up and get the answer. This gives you another opportunity to meet with them or their aides about your subject.


7.  Bring an information card with you so the legislator’s office can follow up with you on an issue they may have had.


8.  When possible bring small groups with you. Legislators are more apt to listen when they believe there are numbers of constituents that are supporting the same issue. 


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